Arvind Gupta’s science toys

Picture of Arvind Gupta.
Picture of Arvind Gupta from his website.

Check out this page full of amazing videos of quick, simple, cheap science demonstrations – on the site of Arvind Gupta. They’ll make you want to have a go. You should also check out this page filled with ‘science toys’.

According to his profile on, Arvind Gupta is “an Indian toy inventor and populariser of science for kids.” You can see him demonstrate some of his science toys and hear him speak in his TED talk. Entertaining.


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  1. sir
    i am always watcing u r science models. all are very simple but it teaches lot. very good effort made by u. I am also having same kind of actvity in my block. i done small small experiment in our training. but u r models r very usefull to the teachers as well as students.
    yours fan
    tamil nadu

  2. akash says:

    my friend says that my friend give me some videos of arvind gupta .. i just come in my father office and search for arvind gupta i like this page toys…..

  3. Shilpy says:

    this is fun+learning.I got a science project in school and was told to log on this website for making a science toy. When i opened this page it was veeerrry intresting.
    All Thanks To You

  4. Space Shop says:

    Brilliant models Arvind, these are very clever toys! All hand made aswell!!

  5. Vishal verma says:

    Sir i am your big fan and you are my inspirational source.
    I am doing this job as like you and running a NGO Practical Science Promoting Club in mathura city

  6. Ashfaque Mahesar says:

    sir I am a big fan of you i like the way you are discovering new toys, and i always copy your ideas to make toys for my school kids

  7. nauka patel says:

    heloooo sir your models are gorgeous………

  8. Amir says:

    hiIt is amazing how he tures tash into toys.It looks like it is so much fun and he makes it look easy. Campbell and lilly are enoniyjg the toy project we cant wait till we try one of them out.BYE BYE LILLY JAMES AND CAMPBELL ) 🙂

  9. saurabh jaiswal says:

    hello sir you are the main insipiration source of me because you create creativity in my heart & soul by your gorgeous science models and also for giving your valuable time for distributing your knowledge as well as ideas tooo…..

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