Astrology and religion … at Bristol?

Prayer stones in a science centre?Yesterday, I went to the wonderful science centre Explore-At-Bristol. There was a healthy half-term buzz, which is great. My six year-old daughter loves the place, which is also great.

What was not great, in my opinion, were two items I came across in the gift shop. I was amazed/dismayed to see:

Zodiac cards in a science centre?

1. A selection of shiny stones with words printed on them: one of the words said ‘PRAY’. These ‘wishing stones’ are normally found in new age shops, like this one online (even then, they rarely have ‘pray’ written on them).

2. A selection of glitzy bookmarks with zodiac signs printed on them (perhaps people still confuse ‘astronomy’ with astrology’).

Both bizarrely incongruous in a science centre, don’t you think?? (This particular science centre was also celebrating Hallowe’en, which is almost as weird, if you think about it).

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