GrrlScientist on ‘The Atom’

I am very pleased that ‘The Atom’ has been listed on the wonderful GrrlScientist’s list of top ten science books of 2018. She says: “The Atom is an engaging and visually appealing overview of physics and chemistry, as well as the history of our thinking about atoms and their structure: how atomic interactions create the…

The Atom … to be published in September 2018

In a follow up to ‘The Cell‘, I have just finished writing the text for ‘The Atom’, to be published in September 2018 by the same publisher, Ivy Press (part of the Quarto group). This time, it is being published in association with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is very exciting. Watch this space…

Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize

I’m delighted that my book ‘Home Lab’ has won the prestigious Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize 2017. The book is called ‘Maker Lab’ in the USA, and published on both sides of the Atlantic by DK. I can announce that I have recently finished the follow-up book, which will be published in spring 2018….

The Diary of Curious Cuthbert

Just out is my new book ‘The Diary of Curious Cuthbert’. Its hero is Cuthbert Armeeni, scientist, inventor and philosopher, and his diary entries are retold in rhyme. One Amazon customer said “Brilliant educational storytelling through poetry. Jack Challoner is the Roald Dahl of Science!” I was fortunate enough to have the book illustrated by…

Maker Lab and the Kardashians …

Well, my book Maker Lab (called Home Lab in the UK) has skyrocketed up to number 72 in the bestsellers list, all thanks to Kim Kardashian’s model sister Kendall Jenner! Kendall bought the book for Kim’s daughter North’s fourth birthday – and she even bought the ingredients for each of her four favourite activities from the book….

Royal Society Prize shortlist

I’m delighted to announce that Home Lab (the UK title of ‘Maker Lab’) has been shortlisted for this year’s Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize – along with some other great books. Find out more by following this link.

More praise for Maker Lab

Well, Maker Lab is going from strength to strength. It’s been nominated for two awards, and here’s high praise indeed from the wonderfully enthusiastic Janet Joy Wilson, from Global News.  

The Cell … and The Atom

I was delighted to learn a few weeks ago that my book The Cell, published by the lovely people at Ivy Press, in association with Chicago University Press, is a finalist in the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s ‘Excellence in Science Books Prize’. The other finalists are amazing, so just being picked is a great honour….

Royal Society of Biology Book Awards

I’m honoured to find out that “Cell” has been shortlisted for this year’s Royal Society of Biology’s Book Awards, in the General Biology category. I have only seen a couple of the other books, and there is certainly stiff competition.  

Book launch – in NYC

Well, Maker Lab seems to be selling really well, and the good folks at DK NYC have organised a launch event for the book in the new school year. It’ll be at the Powerhouse Arena, Main Street, Brooklyn on Sunday September 25th. Follow this link for all the details: book launch details. Maybe see you there!…