The Cell … and The Atom

I was delighted to learn a few weeks ago that my book The Cell, published by the lovely people at Ivy Press, in association with Chicago University Press, is a finalist in the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s ‘Excellence in Science Books Prize’. The other finalists are amazing, so just being picked is a great honour….

Royal Society of Biology Book Awards

I’m honoured to find out that “Cell” has been shortlisted for this year’s Royal Society of Biology’s Book Awards, in the General Biology category. I have only seen a couple of the other books, and there is certainly stiff competition.  

Book launch – in NYC

Well, Maker Lab seems to be selling really well, and the good folks at DK NYC have organised a launch event for the book in the new school year. It’ll be at the Powerhouse Arena, Main Street, Brooklyn on Sunday September 25th. Follow this link for all the details: book launch details. Maybe see you there!…

Maker Lab

My book of 28 activities, Maker Lab (called ‘Home Lab’ in the UK), is published by DK in July 2016. I’ll be in New York to promote the book at the end of September, to co-incide with the New York Maker Faire (can’t wait to go there). Meanwhile, here’s a sneak preview of one of the projects from the book,…

The Cell

I’m very excited to say that ‘The Cell’ is the number one bestseller in cell biology on Will check out how it’s doing elsewhere – and hope we can get this book into the hands of as many ‘inspirable’ minds as possible, so they might knowledgeably appreciate the beauty of what goes on inside every living cell.  

Intricate wonders …

“A cell is just a mixture of molecules, a cocktail of chemicals, inside a little bag. Despite the unambitious simplicity of that description, and the tiny size of a typical cell, intricate wonders lie within.” – from the introduction of ‘The Cell’ by Jack Challoner. Publication date about one month away.  

Why Not 360º

Check out my short film about the movement of the Moon. For a bit of background on what’s going on – and an answer to the question ‘Why not 360º’ – follow this link to a page by astronomer Courtney Seligman.    

Science Made Stupid (in a good way)

Today is World Book Day … in the UK at least. Here, it’s held on the first Thursday of March, while the rest of the world celebrates it  on 23 April. Anyway, I have been thinking about some of the books that have inspired me. One of them, which is pertinent to this website and…

Another dissection

Following our enjoyable home dissection of ‘Simon’ the Fish, my daughter and I recently decided to try another. She spotted the perfect subject while on a trip to our local supermarket. Meet Octavia the octopus. This time, my daughter was joined by two of her friends. As you will see from the photographs, we found…