Why Not 360º

Check out my short film about the movement of the Moon. For a bit of background on what’s going on – and an answer to the question ‘Why not 360º’ – follow this link to a page by astronomer Courtney Seligman.    

A million times smaller?

I don’t know about you, but I always get annoyed with phrases like “a million times smaller”. It has been one of my bugbears for many years. Now you can get annoyed by it, too – and perhaps change the way you do things, if you are a writer too. (Or maybe just get annoyed…

End of the World! (not)

Watch this great, straight-talking, undramatic new video from NASA regarding the claims of the end of the world, which some people have suggested will happen on 21st December 2012.  


Recently, as part of its Talk Science initiative, the Science Museum launched a suite of four online games aimed at teenagers, called Futurecade (the name is a contraction of ‘future’ and ‘arcade’). There are four games, each one based on an aspect of science/technology that is shaping or could shape our future. The Science Museum’s own teacher briefing…

Astrology and religion … at Bristol?

Yesterday, I went to the wonderful science centre Explore-At-Bristol. There was a healthy half-term buzz, which is great. My six year-old daughter loves the place, which is also great. What was not great, in my opinion, were two items I came across in the gift shop. I was amazed/dismayed to see: 1. A selection of shiny…