GrrlScientist on ‘The Atom’

I am very pleased that ‘The Atom’ has been listed on the wonderful GrrlScientist’s list of top ten science books of 2018. She says:

“The Atom is an engaging and visually appealing overview of physics and chemistry, as well as the history of our thinking about atoms and their structure: how atomic interactions create the properties of everyday materials; and what subatomic particles and their quantum world show us about the nature of reality in the larger world that we occupy. The book also takes the reader on a tour of the elements and their primordial origins; the periodic table; molecules, and chemical reactions. Readers will also learn how magnetic resonance imaging, radiometric dating, and nuclear reactions work at the atomic level. Every page is has at least one gorgeous full-color illustration or photograph. This beautifully-produced and clearly-written book will especially appeal to younger readers, students and to nonspecialists.”

– to find out the other nine books, follow this link.

For those of you who don’t know, GrrlScientist is an evolutionary biologist and ornithologist who writes about evolution, ethology and ecology, especially in birds. But, as she says when revealing her top ten list, “Although I’m not a physicist, I’ve discovered that popular science books about physics are my favorites this year, and I think they’ll be your favorites, too.”

Find her wonderful writing at the The Guardian (UK) or at Forbes (USA), and find out more about her at her ‘’ page.

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