New books

I have been very busy …

On 31st January 2012, Chartwell Books published Amazing Weather Facts and Trivia – the latest book from my pen (well, my computer keyboard). It is a companion to Amazing Human Body Facts and Trivia, which was published in the summer 0f 2011.

I don’t normally blog about new books, but these two books are likely to go completely unnoticed in the world – and actually, despite the fact that I thought the writing of them would be a bit of a chore, I enjoyed making them and now I’m rather proud of them. I worked hard to make them interesting, and the design is splendid. So, if you come across them, or you know someone who might like them as a present, go ahead and buy them. No, I’m not on a commission!

The next book of mine to be published, by the lovely people at Weldon Owen, will be The Story of Science – the ‘complete’ (albeit very abridged!) history of science in 27 short chapters for a sort of ‘early teenage upwards’ audience . I’m very proud of that, too, and I will update when I know a publication date. I should be starting on the next one in that series soon: The Story of Invention

Also, I have been working as science consultant, also with Weldon Owen, on a delicious and innovative book that will be published on 1st April (so more later). It’s called How to Make a Planet. One to watch! I’ll update you when things  move on. Meanwhile, I’m writing a book about the chemical elements, for the lovely people at Carlton Books. More on that at a later date … 


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