Science Made Stupid (in a good way)


Today is World Book Day … in the UK at least. Here, it’s held on the first Thursday of March, while the rest of the world celebrates it  on 23 April. Anyway, I have been thinking about some of the books that have inspired me.

One of them, which is pertinent to this website and to what I do for a living, is Science Made Stupid, with the wonderful subtitle ‘How to Discomprehend the World Around Us’. It was written by American humorist Tom Weller, and was published in 1985. Around that time, my sister brought a copy back from the USA, and I was hooked. It’s intelligent, funny and memorable – and although it is not a serious science book, I think it was part of my inspiration to write books that explain science. I hope my books don’t help people to discomprehend the world!

The book is out of print, but you can see (and even download) the whole thing online, here. The more familiar you are with science books, the more you will appreciate it, I think. Specially for you, I have scanned a few of my favourite bits – and here they are, for your delight.


From introduction page




Conquest of the land


Evolution of horses

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