Jack Challoner – explaining science.

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My latest books are the first two in the Rhyme & Reason series – ‘What is Water?’ and ‘Why Do Things Fall Down?’, published by Explaining Science Publishing. – as well as a new improved edition of The Diary of Curious Cuthbert.

My other recent books include …

’Seeing Science – Making the Invisible Visible’,
The Atom: A Virtual Tour‘ and
‘Water: A Visual and Scientific History’, all published by The MIT Press

‘The Diary of Curious Cuthbert’, published by Explaining Science Publishing;
‘Home Lab’, published by Dorling Kindersley, (called ‘Maker Lab‘ in the USA, and published by DK in association with the Smithsonian Institution);
The Cell – a Visual Tour of the Building Block of Life‘ (published by Ivy Press and Chicago University Press); 
The Elements – The New Guide to the Building Blocks of the Universe’, published by Carlton Books;
Real Lives: John Snow‘, a biography of the Victorian doctor and scientist published by Bloomsbury.

About me
I studied physics at Imperial College, London, then trained as a science and maths teacher. After that, I worked at London’s Science Museum in the Education Unit – and in the museum’s flagship interactive gallery, Launchpad.

I left the museum in 1991 to write science and technology books and to write and perform science shows in museums, libraries and schools. I’ve been doing that ever since. I have also written for encyclopaedias, magazines, museum exhibitions, promotional leaflets and websites. If you would like to commission me to write something, please get in touch. In addition to my writing, I also act as scientific consultant for books, encyclopaedias and television programmes (and even a play, once).

A few years ago, I worked for two years on the development of science television programmes for BBC Scotland. Finally, I am also a musician and singer. I wrote ‘The Tenth Plot’, a ‘jazz-funk opera about the Solar System’. Get in touch if you’d like to find out about it.